You Can Earn Quick Cash for Test Strips

If you have diabetes, then surely you have a blood sugar testing kit for your own and you may be very well familiar that you have a lot of supplies of various test strips that many of them are that many of them are unused which is actually a waste because most of the time you are forced to just throw them out because they are already expired. The short shelf life of test strips is one of the causes, but don't throw them just yet because there is a greater choice and it will earn you money at the same time. Yes you can just sell diabetic test strips but how do you know prepare the test strips that it would actually be sold? Learn more about how to  sell your test strips, go here.

First ensure that these test strip Containers are unopened and unexpired. If you have many diabetes test strips that are in their first day but you can get money very simply, you just need to deliver the test strips that you did not use and you will get the cash in a few days. But ensure that packaging slip with your name and home address is on the package so that you will get the compensation in a form of a check with a note to affirm the exchange. Find out for further details on  get paid for strips  right here. 

How wonderful is it that you can earn easy money just by loading up and delivering the strips. However you must take notice that any strip which is broken or in a bad condition in any way are not accepted. crushed or damaged containers are also not included in the approval. There is a shipment fee that is going to be build on u if u want the containers back.

Also make sure that the Diabetic test strips should not expire over 180 days, if not you will still Earn cash for test strips but it will be 50% of the guaranteed payment. if the diabetic test strips will expire in less than 90 days expect that there will be no payment for this. It is important to take note that there is a minimum number of 5 cases at a one time sending.

The payment is based on the brand name of the test strip, each box of test strip should have at least 50 pieces.

The Cash for test strips that you earned is already a good addition to your savings or whatever expenses that you might need instead of disposing them and wasting money. Take a look at this link for more information.